Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Karupatti Paniyaram

Karupatti Paniyaram is sweet made for occasion like pillayar nombu or for padaippu. its so simple that its ingredients are just raw rice and karupatti.


  • Raw rice - 1 kg
  • Karupatti - 4 to 5 molds
  • Oil - to fry


Soak the rice for an hour drain and keep. when it is 3/4th dry run it in the mixie not so smooth, slightly coarse.
break the karupatti into small pieces and with a little water heat it until it is completely dissolved. the karupatti pagu should be thick so carefully add very little water. Leave it to settle and cool. add this karupatti syrup to the flour and make a dough (like that of chapathi).

When you are about to make the paniyaram take the amount of dough you need add little water and karupatti pagu according the to the sweet you need and make a batter. The remaining dough you can store in fridge in an air tight container for a weeks time.

Heat oil in a kadai. beat the batter well and pour a ladle full slowly into the oil. splash the oil over the paniyaram so that it rises, turn it on the other side and cook for few seconds.
Note the outer part of the paniyaram in my picture that is called "karai koodi varuvathu" if the texture is like that then it means you have done a good job !

Note: The ends of the paniyaram will only be crispier and not the inside. If the batter is too thick the insides of the paniyaram will not be completely cooked and you can see the raw batter. in such cases add a little water and make. Before each paniyaram you have to beat the batter well as the rice tends to settle down. If the batter is too thin also the paniyaram will not have a good shape and will start drinking oil. The consistency should be a little thicker than the dosa batter, say like for Adai.

Also if you add too much of karupatti the paniyaram may not be cooked well inside but will become brown soon. so add karupatti little by little. We cannot say the exact measurement for karupatti as some may be less sweet some may be very sweet but less color. the excess karupatti pagu can be stored in fridge for later use, like for aadi kummayam or for karupatti kaapi. People make this in vanaspathi or ghee also but health conscious people should stick to just oil. 

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